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The Paris Affordable Housing Challenge sought out conceptual ideas to solve the city’s housing crisis, looking for sustainable solutions that could be replicated in any location across the city of lights. The jury for this competition took particular interest in those projects that responded to Paris uniquely, showing an advanced level of urban, social and political analysis.

The first prize winner was also our student prize entry by Neno Videnovic from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in the USA. His Monumental Housing project focused on the fundamental structure of Hausmann-designed Paris. The project included 12 housing blocks designed to be dispersed throughout Paris as a new form of cultural monument, with each apartment clad in a perforated metal panel that replaces the human scale of the apartment with a unitless pattern that tends toward the sculptural. The proposal is quirky without being gimmicky, and the judges applaud its boldness.

The second and third place winners were also student entries, from Southern California Institute of Architecture and Politecnico di Torino respectively. Lourenço Vaz Pinto’s Urban Infil project looked to mine the thousands of open spaces located throughout Paris in the shape of its urban courtyards to use as added affordable housing sites. Meanwhile Chiara Quintanal Rivacoba and Bianca Ludovica Palmieri proposed a modified system of development for 9,000 logement sociaux, partially transferring the property rights to a ‘social owner’.

These entries varied greatly from each other but showed an enthusiasm and originality, analysing and re-thinking city-specific economic and political drivers of the city’s housing crisis. See the full project entries, high-res images and full jury comments at

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize