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Launched as the second in a series of architecture competitions focusing on the natural splendor of the Pape Nature Park in Latvia, the Pape Nature Park Gateway architecture competition tasked participants with envisioning iconic and creative projects for an entranceway into the park, combining functional services and aesthetic design on a scale that would welcome guests and imprint a memory not soon forgotten.

The winning project by Arthur Schoeler and Corentin Dalon from Belgium was entitled “LEARNING FROM ASCETISM - Against austerity: for a fundamentalist materialism”. Their simple tower structure incorporated natural elements in the wood, straw, earth and stone materials used for construction. Their environmentally-inspired design also earned them the BB Green Award.

Second prize went to Jeffrey Clancy from the USA for his “Gateway to Pape Nature Park” project, whose simple barn-like roof structure hovered gently over the park’s untouched dirt road, connected to humble stone volumes that housed the visitor center. Third prize was awarded to the Origami Roof project submitted by Bogdan Bondarenko, Kostiantyn Bondarenko and Olena Kashpur from the Ukraine company, BONDARENKO GROUP, with its planking and reed roof in keeping with local folk architecture.

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2nd prize

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