The New York Affordable Housing Challenge arises from a critical awareness of the various demands that shape contemporary urban experience. In the thick of an historic period, an apogee of capitalism and globalization, a profusion of issues abound in the city: concurrent growth of population, services, and economic opportunity, in parallel with disparate inequality and inflationary real estate. For many, the consequence has lead to a housing market vastly out of reach, either by affordability or geography. A culture once distinguished by ownership and private property is stipulated by lease and scarcity. This competition recognizes the responsibility of architecture and its discipline in a systemic issue entwined between the built environment, policy, economics, and culture.

Successful entries challenge conventional and precedented architectural solutions, to an issue in all fairness, unique in scale and proportion. Well considered submissions engaged polyvalent solutions, to sites scattered throughout the greater metropolis of New York City. Projects most notable pursue invention through the agency, and instrumentality of an architectural element or system, redefining the culture, economy, and experience of urban domesticity by means of space, material, morphology, or structure. These projects are distinguished by rationality, singularity, and imagination.

New York Affordable Housing Challenge New York Affordable Housing Challenge
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New York Affordable Housing Challenge New York Affordable Housing Challenge New York Affordable Housing Challenge
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Turning unused bridge areas into lively homes

Affordable Housing Series 17th Edition ideas COMPETITION

1st Prize Winner

Project name

The Table Top

We participate in architecture vision competitions when we find extra time in our office work. The value we find in participating in these competitions is that is builds our vision, challenges us to think of design issues that we do not work with everyday, and brings more and more ideas into our firm’s oeuvre. It is a great way for us to be inventive and to be engaged in what is relevant in the discipline.

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Country United States

2nd Prize Winner

Project name


Idea competitions are a venue to test ideas and speculate on the possibilities of architecture. They are a luxury of sorts, free of many typical constraints, but they also have their own hidden challenges. They are also sometimes a necessity to land the next commission. Competitions have the capacity to bring critical ideas and innovative thinking and design to the public sphere in ways that other kinds of professional activity cannot. Competitions push ideas forward. They have the capacity to advance the discourse of architecture through visual projection. Most significantly, idea competitions tend to advance the discipline of design. New design strategies, methods and design techniques often emerge to the benefit of not only the design team but the discipline of design at large.

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University University of north carolina at charlotte
Country United States
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3rd Prize Winner

Project name

New York Affordable Housing Challenge

We want to encounter more design opportunities, and make our works visible.

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Authors Liyang Chen, Yao Zheng
Country China


Project name

New York ParaSiTe housing

Architecture vision competitions are very stimulating, especially for students, offering an open space for sharing ideas from all over the world. I cannot think of a better way of learning, discovering new perspectives and ways of thinking a reality. Furthermore, they are one of the best incentives to test ourselves and improve.

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Project name

Forging The Upward Frontier

It is important to question. Too often, standardized practices or routines blind us from potential inquiries. While it is not helpful to re-invent the wheel, I find that architecture vision competitions to be a necessary freedom from this daily reality. In that freedom, it is truly possible to consider anything, and these unbiased visions I feel are essential in realizing our potential.

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Country United States

Honorable Mentions

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Project name

Angle 10

Authors Petar Petricevic, Ksenia Chernobrovtseva,
Country United States
Project name

The Adaptive Platform: Affordable Housing Above the City

Authors Seth McDowell,
Country United States
Project name

Activity-Stacked Neighbourhood

Authors Jasmine Sik Chi Chan,
Country Hong Kong
+72 points Buildner University Rankings
Project name

Instant City: Living Air-Right

Country United States
Project name

Marcy Houses: A Case Study of Social Housing in New York City

Country United States

Shortlisted projects

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Niccolo Baldi

Anne Mcternan

Frederick Cooke

United States


Julia Franchi Scarselli

United States


Joel-Laurent Mbala-Nkanga

United States


Kit von Dalwig

Philipp von Dalwig

Susana de Zarraga

United States


Marija Gjorgjievska

City university of new york

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!
United States

Project ID 6898

Yang Dai

Sarah Hayes

Scott Axel

Ariel Vazquez

Blackney hayes architects

United States


Romaric Fillette



Fries House

Misa Sawairi

United States


Yin Ting Wong


COLLECTIVISM - New York affordable housing

Jurie Swart

South Africa

Project ID 6746

Christian Bjone

United States

REDE. A Housing Network

Livia Zanelli de Morais

Thamires Bressan

Gabriel Costa Macorin

Eduardo Rodrigues Ferreira


The Table Top

Lap Chi Kwong

Alison Von Glinow

United States

Making Room for More

Elizabeth Roberts

Richard DelPilar

United States

Angle 10

Petar Petricevic

Ksenia Chernobrovtseva

United States

Project ID 6676

Anna Vylegzhanina

Russian Federation

Forging The Upward Frontier

Ryan Anthony Ball

United States


Christine Williams

Jeremy Jerge

United States

Ongoing Acclimatation

Ian Sheng

yifan Wu

Ning Zhao

United States

Urban Drawerbox

Simone Zanini

Luca Soldati

Andrea Lui

Carlo Andrea Vescovi


The "Bricks"

Steven Huang

Eko Liu

University of california berkeley

+72 points Buildner University Rankings!


Adham Kasem

John Russell Beaumont

Christopher Gardner

United States

Trick-Track system for New York City housing strategies

Alexey Sirotkin

Mikhail Sergeev

Russian Federation

Project ID 6640

Karam Kim

Woongyeun Park

South Korea

Project ID 6620

Bronwyn Breitner

Luigi Ciaccia

Scott Mikawa

Catherine Earley

United States

Marcy Houses: A Case Study of Social Housing in New York City

Hans Maarten Wikkerink

United States

The New American Dream

Ellen Dickson

Robin Whitehurst

Damon Wilson

Alejandro Martinez

Bailey edward

United States


Peter Wong

Christopher Jarrett

Nazinin Modaresahmadi

Robert Stubbs

University of north carolina at charlotte

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United States

NYC Net Zero Public Housing

Timothy Ung

United States

Project ID 6575

David Yum

Danielle Fleischmann

Eujin Son

Sara Karine Falque

United States

Project ID 6441

Arjan Hebly

Lennart Aben

Bjarne van der Drift

Lennart Aben

Bjarne van der Drift

Lenneke Slangen


New York Affordable Housing Challenge

Liyang Chen

Yao Zheng


A Street Reimagined

Bennet Song

United States

Project ID 0710

Öner Tiryaki



Renata Becco Pedrosa

Rebecca Campos Leite Alencar

Aline Aguiar

Isabelle Carvalho



Wenyi Zhu

Jia Qi

Miao Xu

Yiyuan Qian



John Henry

Michael Rostami

John henry architects



Federico Cobelli



Rosa Carlino

Amanda Campodonico

Caterina Pendolino

Lucia Carrubba


The Hive

Giuliana Bello

Fernanda Hardt

Guilherme Takahashi


Instant City: Living Air-Right

Chang Kyu Lee

Beomki Lee

United States

MOD 12.5

George Kontaroudis

Michail-Karolos Keranis

Dimitrios Stivaros

United States

Activity-Stacked Neighbourhood

Jasmine Sik Chi Chan

Chuhai college of higher education

+72 points Buildner University Rankings!
Hong Kong