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Buildner is thrilled to announce the winners of its third Museum of Emotions Competition, where architects were challenged to explore the emotional impact of architecture. Participants were tasked with designing a museum featuring two exhibition halls: one to evoke negative emotions and the other positive emotions. This competition encouraged creative interpretations, allowing designers to define corresponding spaces for a range of emotions, from fear and anger to love and happiness. Entrants had the freedom to choose any site, real or imaginary, and determine their project's scale.

This silent competition required participants to communicate their ideas exclusively through imagery, without using any text, including titles, captions, or annotations. Buildner collaborated with a distinguished international jury panel, comprising professionals from diverse disciplines, to assess the entries.

The first prize, along with the Student and Sustainability awards, was bestowed upon Jiaxun Song, Xinyue Dong, and Zehong Zhang, students from China's South China University of Technology. Their winning proposal, "Inversions," featured mirrored versions of a forested world: one alive and green, the other dead and black.

The second prize was awarded to Daniel Muñoz Ramirez from Chile, whose project explored the emotional impact of nature within a weathered building in a desolate landscape.

The third prize was claimed by Huei Shyang Lim from Malaysia, whose project experimented with space and perception, showcasing a monumental curvilinear surface.

Buildner and its jury panel extend their gratitude to all participants for their exceptional submissions, contributing to the competition's tremendous success. These innovative designs push the boundaries of architectural creativity and emotion-evoking spaces.

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1st prize, Student and Sustainability Award

2nd prize

3rd prize