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MICROHOME was the fifth edition of an annual architecture competition launched as part of Buildner’s Small-Scale Architecture series, and in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS publications. It sought out replicable ideas for living small in a world of dwindling resources and soaring housing prices.

First prize was awarded to Misak Terzibasiyan, Amir Feizinezhadgheshlaghi and Thimo Derks from UArchitects in the Netherlands. Their Microcolony project looked to fight poverty and climate change in Bangladesh. It addressed the real-world issues of that specific location by proposing a floating home that had the capacity to grow with other homes into a colony.

Jury member Patrik Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects said, “This proposal took a more strategic, long-term approach. Whilst the environment and culture described was specific to Bangladesh, this type of solution could be appropriate across other warm climate countries under risk from sea level rises.”

Second and third prize went to Lionel Giordano from the UK and Aleksandra Musiał and Alicja Adela Jarochowska – students from Politechnika Warszawska in Poland – respectively. Giordano designed an off-grid house known as the ‘Degradable Dwelling’, while the students from Politechnika Warszawska designed a subterranean ‘Grounded House’ constructed of earth.

You can see the full jury comments for all our winners – including Buildner Sustainability Award-winners Eloy Bahamondes, Lucas Vásquez, Johann Grünenwald from B+V Arquitectos in Chile – on

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