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London remains one of the least affordable cities in the world, with typical housing prices far higher than those in low or medium income jobs could afford. The London Affordable Housing Challenge is part of Buildner’ Affordable Housing Crisis design series, which has already introduced several great proposals to address the global demand for urban housing. A range of ideas were submitted, some realistic and others conceptual.

First prize was awarded to Lianjie Wu from the UK, whose BEYOND THE SHELL project took 3D printing to the next level. The design proposal takes advantage of the free-form nature of 3D printing to offer a compelling design for mass affordable housing complexes that grow and mold with their inhabitants.

Second prize went to Gennaro Postiglione, Nicola Sirugo, and Massimo Bricocoli from Italy for their Re.Co.De: Redesigning Contemporary Dwelling - project, which saw proposals for rearranging the interior layout of a typical housing block. Third prize was awarded to Medina Dzonlic and Daniel Andersson from Denmark for their Informal Intimacy project which seeks to establish a new architecture for social housing using modernist principles.

For more jury comments, high res images, and details about our Student Award to Yip Siu from University College London in the UK, and our Green Award to Simone De Bergh, Björn Vestlund, David Saand, and Jay Williams from Swedish company White Arkitekter, visit

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