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The Kemeri National Park Observation Tower architecture competition tasked participants with delivering proposals for a buildable observation structure along the park’s boardwalk system. Key factors to consider were wheelchair accessibility, durability, ease of construction, and a proposed budget of US $50k. The entries proposed a wide range of ideas, with a variety of structural materials and forms, with modularity as an integral factor in many submissions.

The winning project - Funambulist Landscape - by Ernesto Urquízar Quesada and María Cervantes Lardón from Spain, impressed the jury with its three-storey design of light-structured ramps hung within a clean timber grid. The project’s simple structure makes it easily adaptable and scalable, with beautifully-executed drawings submitted to show a clean design intent.

Second prize was awarded to Nathira Haja from Malaysia. The “Eye Tower” project features a spherical timber structure that encloses a lengthy spiraling ramp, elevating visitors well above the bog boardwalk, and was considered by the jury as the most formally striking submission presented in this competition.

Hunor Albert Szántó and Fanni Zita Salamin from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary received third prize as well as the BB Student Award for their “Black Box” project. simple 2.8m-wide x 1.5m-long grid comprised of wooden structural members and clad in a shell of burned-wood planks which the jury found to be buildable and well-suited for its location.

For full jury comments on these winners, high res images, and more info on the “Accessible Tower Award” - The Dark Hut - by Angelo Ancarola, Antonio Mastria, Salvatore Possidente Del Monte, and Luigi Simone from Italy, visit

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