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The Irish Cult Music Venue architecture competition tasked participants with envisioning a concept for a renovation and programmatic extension of the beloved local pub and live music venue, Connolly’s of Leap, in County Cork Ireland. The jury selected winning proposals that considered the landscape, as well as the integrity and spirit of the existing venue.

The winning project by Ian O'Brien, Enrique Garcia, and Oliver James from the UK, featured a raised glass skylight as its primary modification. Using materials of timber, local stone, and charred oak, the submission introduces four new buildings, well-situated on the hillside and housing band accommodations, a workshop, a studio, and an exhibition space.

Second place went to KGA Architecture from the USA for their project, Connolly's of Leap: Shaping the Sound, which comprised of a series of semi-underground space with curved shapes inspired by musical instruments. Third place was awarded to Lisa Mullikin and Kevin Stevens from the USA for their “Rooted/Rootless” project, which saw a series of gardens connected by ramps covered by a floating, faceted canopy.

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