Bee Breeders in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS announces the winners of its 2021 open call for submissions to be published in the upcoming print publication on architecture illusions.

The Architecture of Illusions Essay Competition called for submissions expressing thoughts and opinions on the role of illusions in architecture. What is the impact of optical illusions in architecture and design. How do illusions affect design?

Bee Breeders and ARCHHIVE BOOKS partnered with a selection of jurors with wide ranging perspectives on the topic: Víctor Enrich Tarrés, a Barcelona-based photographer and artist that explores the connections between the digital and the non-digital worlds; Peter Thompson, Emeritus Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of York and Chief Editor of Perception & i-Perception journals; and Monika Woźniak, an architect and 3D designer from Poland who combines her passion for architecture and visualization through her project Antireality.

We received submissions from around the world. The works of the selected authors listed below have been chosen for print in ARCHHIVE BOOKS' upcoming publication.

Architecture of Illusions

1st Prize Winner

Project name

False Idols

Author Sean Moyano
Country United States

2nd Prize Winner

Project name

On The Other Side

Authors Samuel Cabiron, Dimitri Pagnier
Country France

3rd Prize Winner

Project name

Escher's illusions

Country Czech Republic

Honorable Mentions

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Project name

"The Door of the City" - Architecture, scale and detail.

Country Italy
Project name

Relearning Perception

Country Canada
Project name

Catfished by Buildings: How Social Media Takes Us Back to 18th Century Bath

Author Celine Cheung
Country United Kingdom
Project name

Illusion is the Primary Substance of Film

Author Daniel Sykes
Country Australia
Project name

Frescoes - Architectural illusion through art

Author Matthew Usher
Country United Kingdom
Project name

Wild Illusions

Author Sarah Hopper
Country United States