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Cinema is often considered a dying medium, with the rise of streaming services poised to take its place as the way we watch movies. But the act of watching films in a cinema setting adds so much to the experience still and even has the opportunity to create new communities.

For the Iceland Movie Pavilion competition, Buildner is collaborating with the owners of Vogar farmland in northern Iceland to celebrate Icelandic cinema with the creation of a movie pavilion in this beautiful landscape. A popular backdrop for films and TV shows like Star Wars: Rogue One and Game of Thrones, the pavilion should reflect the essence of Icelandic cinema with the central focus being a small movie theatre capable of hosting up to 50 visitors.

The Iceland Movie Pavilion competition is open to submissions until December 12, 2022, with winners of the 10,000 € prize fund to be announced on February 21, 2022. Visit for more details.


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