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Buildner is pleased to announce the results of its Iceland Movie Pavilion International Competition, in which participants presented designs for a movie pavilion in the Grjótagjá cave region in northern Iceland. The pavilion’s purpose was to introduce visitors to Icelandic cinema and offer fans a place to gather and share a passion for film.

First prize winners China Carr and Dairon Riesgo from the United States submitted a project entitled Slow Sails, which featured a series of outdoor open-air corridors formed by fiberglass ‘sails’ to frame views of the landscape and sky above. This monument to earth and sky provokes users to engage with film via varied cinematic experiences that are both indoor and open air, using reverse and standard projections onto walls within the intimacy of enclosed rooms as well as on the surfaces of the exterior sails, thereby merging the cinematic experience with the natural landscape and site.

Second prize winners Doni Hallko and Debora Di Francesco from the University of Camera in Italy presented a project that returns the cave to its form as a sacred temple for storytelling, featuring an ellipsoid within a box to yield two large spaces.

Third prize winners Viktoriia Savchenko, Oleksandra Zavada, Khrystyna Vus and Nikolay Dotsenko, from the Ukrainian company Balbek Bureau, designed a pavilion split into two spaces, sunken into the earth and emerging from the landscape as if part of the mountains.

Visit to see the full jury comments as well as high resolution images of all our winning design projects, including our Buildner Sustainability Award from Marius Erikstad, Ola Spangen, Rikke Sandbugt and Kathinka Magnus from Norwegian company Asas Arkitektur. 

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