International Architecture Competition

Iceland Lake Myvatn
Community House

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A new municipality in northern Iceland is looking to adopt a circular economy model in an effort to become one of the most sustainable regions in the country. Based on the concept of reusing, sharing, and recycling materials and products as much as possible, a circular economy is the most effective way of battling serious environmental issues such as climate change, pollution and lack of resources.

The Iceland Lake Mývatn Community House competition, run in partnership with Sveinn Margeirsson, mayor of Skútustaðahreppur, is tasking participants with designing a community house to serve as a prime example of the positive impact of a circular economy in the region and across Iceland. Since a circular economy revolves around sharing, recycling and reusing resources, the community house would be a central resource for locals and tourists alike. It would function as a place of education, as well as a palace to store, trade, and share materials and equipment.

The Iceland Lake Mývatn Community House competition is open to submissions until May 26, 2022, with winners of the 10,000 € prize fund to be announced on July 7, 2022. Visit for more details.


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To access competion downloads please enter your email address:
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