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In the face of ongoing wars, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the urgent issue of climate change, the Pavilion Of Humanity: First Contact ideas competition emerges as a beacon of hope. This second edition of the competition has become a catalyst, encouraging humanity to focus on the positive aspects of our shared achievements. The competition provided a platform for visionaries to design structures that encapsulate the essence of human accomplishment, with the aim of communicating our civilization's profound achievements to potential extraterrestrial visitors.

Nikola Grujoski from Italy's University of Florence has been awarded the prestigious First and Student Award for his innovative design, 'Arrival.' This floating pavilion, gracefully positioned above Athens' Acropolis, seamlessly integrates elements of order, proportion, and geometry. It stands as a tribute to the timeless significance of mathematics and aesthetics in human history, inviting a universal dialogue transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.

Matej Gurka from Slovakia's Technical University of Košice has earned the Second and Sustainability Award for his visionary project, 'The Mile.' This 1480-meter-long monument, constructed using corten steel plates, symbolizes 100,000 years of human history. Drawing inspiration from ancient traditions, the design marks significant milestones while emphasizing humanity's sustainable journey, echoing our commitment to harmonious coexistence with the planet.

3rd Prize winners - Nikola Bukowiecka, Michał Pietrusiewicz, and Krzysztof Afeltowicz from Poland have been recognized for their exceptional vision embodied in 'The Last Library of Humanity.' Situated on a volcanic island, this awe-inspiring design features basalt cubes embedded with scrolls engraved in binary code. These interconnected cubes represent the intricate tapestry of human knowledge and serve as a profound testament to our collective wisdom, ready to be shared with potential extraterrestrial visitors.

The Pavilion Of Humanity competition extends heartfelt congratulations to these brilliant minds and their extraordinary visions. Buildner and the esteemed jury panel express deep gratitude to all participants for their innovative submissions. These designs not only represent the power of creative thought but also illuminate the path toward a better, interconnected future for all of humanity. 

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1st and Student Award

2nd and Sustainability Award

3rd prize