International Architecture Competition

Pavilion Of Humanity:
First Contact

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The Pavilion of Humanity: First Contact ideas competition tasked participants with designing a structure that appropriately communicates the achievements of our human civilization in a single space, constructed on a site chosen by the participants, located anywhere on Earth. Should we ever be visited by beings from other worlds, the jury panel felt that the winning designs would  be able to do just this, while contributing to architectural discourse on the purpose of form, meaning, abstraction, and experiential design.

Jinghua Yuan, Siyu Li, Wenhai Zheng and Dayou Du from Tsinghua University in China were awarded first place for their floating architectural complex, comprised of  a pixel-like aggregation of building blocks. Organized according to binary code and with each block representing an independent exhibition space corresponding to a singular topic in the history of human civilization, the jury felt this project uniquely represented the entire world of human civilization, - reading like an encoded language and as a painting of magical realism at the same time.

Shahram Arashzad and Fatemeh Kazemi from the USA received second place for their Visitor Center project planned at the Hiroshima epicenter site. The project proposed an inverted pyramidal void, filled with a tangle of forms that result in a complex set of passages into and through the pavilion.

Third place was awarded to Thiam Yi Donovan Ong from Australia whose Stanford Binary Array project proposed a pavilion set next to the Stanford Satellite Dish on the Palo Alto campus.

Visit for high res images of all our winners, full jury comments and details of our Green Award winners from Hong Kong.

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To access competion downloads please enter your email address:
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