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Buildner is pleased to announce the results of the Greening the Industrial City competition. Participants are asked to submit a masterplan proposal for an industrial park that was built over a natural waterway. Top entries presented their ideas to an in-person jury following a TEDxHouston Countdown event where the top three winners were then chosen.

First prize was awarded to Pavel Nishchanka, Olga Dolinina, Yura Korolev and Yuliya Nesviatayeva from Level 80, a company from Belarus. The jury thought Nishchanka’s approach of adaptively reusing industrial structures, and the inclusion of a memorial wall, to be especially effective and impressive. The project showed both a sensitivity to urban context and a radical reimagining of the area with simple yet powerful concepts.

Second prize went to Adam Scott, Olivia Pinner, Andrew Gresset and Robin Heuppe from the United States. Their ‘Bayou As Community’ project showed thoughtful representation and an impressive degree of optimism in a beautifully represented and innovative concept.

Third prize went to Yoona Ahn and Peter Salim, also from the United States, who suggested a minimalist approach to the site that envisioned a vibrant woods area with architecture that serves the community at a variety of scales.

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1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize