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The Hospice: Home for the Terminally Ill Competition was a chance for participants to explore how architecture and design could be used as a tool to help offer some form of relief to those suffering from terminal illnesses. The brief asked for a space that could offer respite, recuperation, and provide support when needed.

First prize winners Damian Poklewski-Koziełł, Marcin Gierbienis, Justyna Kopacz, and Aleksander Kwaśniak from Poland created a natural sanctuary designed to feel like a magical green space under a floating roof. Their ‘Into the Garden’ project involved timber construction wrapped in a translucent membrane and a building which glows, offering a therapeutic ambiance free from exterior urban audio and visual noises.

Second prize winners Renata Gomes, Beatriz Carvalho, and Fabiana Perazolo from Brazil designed a system of modular elements that integrated into a green space of art and nature for their “Nature Interlude: A Hospice for the Perception of Time” project.  Third prize winner Caitlin Chin from Canada’s “Head in the Clouds” proposal was for a children’s hospice that broke the mould of the typical hospital room typology, offering ellipsoid volumes that have no beginning or end.

See full jury comments and submitted project images for these winners and the ARCHHIVE BOOKS Student Award winner Artur Gała from Silesian University of Technology: Faculty of Architecture in Poland at

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