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Buildner is delighted to reveal the exceptional winners of "The Home of Shadows" Architecture Competition. This international competition challenged architects and designers to reimagine the impact of light and shadow on architectural design. Participants were tasked with creating a home without artificial light, exploring the profound influence of natural light on shaping built spaces. The competition attracted outstanding submissions from talented professionals and students worldwide. The winners' designs reflect remarkable creativity and ingenuity, showcasing their ability to harness the interplay of light and shadow in architectural concepts. Each project has pushed the boundaries of design possibilities, offering unique and innovative approaches to creating spaces that harmonize with natural light.

Maria Tîlvescu Nicula from Romania emerged as the first-place winner with her project "Shadow and Shade," carving a home from rock-like volumes and integrating textured surfaces, a reflective pool, and rounded forms.

Rodrigo Galvez and Estefania Miralles from Guatemala secured the second prize with their design "TUNA," featuring interconnected concrete cube-shaped volumes organized around a central courtyard. The third prize was awarded to Irina Ivancu, Catinca Joita, and Daniel Oancea from Romania for their project "The Circadian House," which incorporates a linear volume and a translucent envelope that transforms with changing intensities and colors of sunlight.

Buildner also recognized the Sustainability and Student Award winners, Doyeob Woo, Gunhee Song, and Seongmok Choi from South Korea's HANYANG UNIVERSITY, for their project "Light House Nomad." This innovative design presents a tent-like structure that filters direct and ambient light, inspired by sunlight. Congratulations to all the winners for their exceptional designs and their exploration of natural light in architecture. The full details and images of the winning projects can be found on the competition's website.

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1st prize 

2nd prize

3rd prize

Buildner Student and Sustainability Award