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Buildner is pleased to announce the results of its Gaudi La Coma Artists’ Residences International Competition, in which participants were tasked with designing a sustainable artists’ residence and education complex in alignment with Antoni Gaudi’s principles of sustainability, functionality, aesthetics and innovation. This was the first in a series of competitions run in partnership with the Gaudi Knowledge Association and Inngenium Lab to celebrate Gaudi’s intellectual heritage. 

First prize was awarded to Nathanaël Pinard, Marc Viaud, Victor Dussap and Félix Roudier-Canler from the French design company, Collectif Carré Noir. Their ‘Opus Loci’ project is modular in design and follows three templates, sized small, medium and large, which are located across the site in consideration of the existing landscape. It also maps local resources within a 100km radius to serve the design and construction of this project, showing care and attention that won the jury’s favor. 

Second prize went to Matthew Pratt from the UK, whose Park Modernisme project explores Gaudi’s architectural, structural and philosophical works and attempts to test these in a contemporary context. 

Third prize winners Delong Yang, Rixi Ye, Rongjie Zhang and Dan Liang from China analyzed cell structure growth patterns to generate forms for the architecture and landscape design, considering these both as living systems that are constantly metabolizing. 

Visit to see the full jury comments as well as high resolution images of all our winning design projects, including Competition Client's Favorite, Phoebe Tse from Australia and our student award winners Myungju Ko and Seonggeun Hur from Columbia University in the United States.

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