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Buildner competitions is excited to announce the results of its ‘Columbarium – The Chamber of Memories’ competition, which tasked architecture enthusiasts with creating a columbarium of 500 niches and a comprehensive landscape design solution for the Forest Cemetery in Riga, Latvia. 

Run in partnership with Riga City Council, first and Clients Favourite prize has been awarded to Christopher Taylor, an architecture designer from South Africa, for his Halo project. Christopher proposed a circular burial chamber, sunken into the cool underground and centered on a pond. Its roof is planted with flowers chosen for their various bloom periods, creating an ever-changing crown of colors and fragrances related to the changing seasons.

Second prize was awarded to Mengru Wang and Rachel Reinhard from the United States. Their Under a Blanket of Plants project references Latvian folklore that regards death as a celebration of life that is one with nature. Finally, Matej Gurka from the Technical University of Košice in Slovakia was awarded third prize as well as our Green and Student Awards for their Urn Field-Line and Decomposition proposal which featured a linear stone path that symbolically links life with death and nature.

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1st and Clients Favorite award

2nd prize

3rd, BB Green and Student award