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Participants of the Cannabis Bank architecture competition were tasked with designing a cannabis dispensary that would work to dispel the negative image associated with this drug since its legal status is slowly starting to change. An array of projects were submitted, and the jury showed a preference for those that creatively addressed the significant social considerations to introducing a legal marijuana dispensary into a community.

A team of students from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, called U-CAN, were selected as our first place winners. Their designs placed the Cannabis Bank on roof additions that are typical in cities in Taiwan. While this additions are technically illegal, they have long-been permitted by Taiwanese authorities; a fitting analogy for the presence of cannabis in society.

The second and third places entries, from Spain and the USA respectively, also both made clever use of the location of their Cannabis Bank projects. The team from Spain sited their project in the medical research park in Barcelona, Spain, adjacent to the beach, symbolically representing both the dichotomy of public perception surrounding medicinal and recreational Cannabis use. And the third place proposal astutely associates the steam boat as an architectural typology to house the Cannabis Bank, with steamboats being an essential part to the development of trade and commerce in the southern US states.

View the jury comments in full and download all the high resolution images of our winners by visiting the Cannabis Bank architecture competition page.

1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize

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