Brutalist Facelift

Welcome to Buildner architecture competition organisers' architecture vision competition Brutalist Facelift, strictly connected to the ongoing architecture vision competition: Ghost Town Challenge.

This time, instead of asking for the introduction of a new element within Karosta's urban scape we would like you to think on a particular way to restore the lost vitality of the “brutalist” apartment buildings, by acting directly upon them.

Their powerful urban presence is evident, although their bad physical conditions are requiring an urgent answer. One could reinvent them or highlight them in a subtle way. This is your choice. We would like you to figure out a clever method to change their image and to redefine their future, by means of inexpensive materials, color introduction or simple but effective conceptual approaches.

What could really uplift this place and these buildings? What can be made to turn this place around? Are you subtle or radical? Give us your insight!

You are allowed to use all kinds of presentation tools: 3d graphics, hand drawings, paintings, collages or others; you are requred to upload one A3 presentation board (landscape) with perspective and two elevations. Specific angles for those images and further information about the buildings can be found in the document package available to download.

This is a vision competition that should be treated as an academic exercise. None of the organising parties have any commitments to proceed with renovation.