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The Yoga House on a Cliff competition, organized in partnership with the Vale de Moses retreat, called for designs for a new hillside yoga space that overlooks the valley. Given its natural setting and meditative purpose, the yoga house is intended to inspire guests while connecting them with the surrounding mountains and forests.

First prize winners and competition Client’s Favourite Vittorio Falaschi, Emmanuele Bortone, Maddalena Nanni, and Uberto Carignani from Italy designed an elegant and simple project entitled Frame. This project organizes elements along a primary exterior vestibule, with an ingenious modular set of interior floor boards that can be removed to reorganize the space or store equipment.

Second prize was awarded to Heen Sae Noh and Jin Woo Kim from South Korea for their YinYangYoga House project which designed a circular space set around a central Zen garden that can be reorganized for different moods and purposes. Cheung Lun Jeremy Son and Amanda Dolgā from the UK won third prize for their Sheltering Sky project which proposed a chapel-like central space defined by a wave-form, double-height roof which curves to a skylight at its pinnacle.

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