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Winners of the Monte d’Oiro Wine Tasting Room competition have been selected. This competition is part of Buildner’ Portugal design series and was organized in collaboration with Quinta Do Monte D’Oiro, a family vineyard located in the Lisbon region. Participants were tasked with designing a wine tasting room that could accommodate roughly 30 people and make full use of the vineyard’s exemplary vistas.

Evin Johann from France took first prize for the Agreste project, which conceived a structure with rammed-earth reinforced walls topped with a timber-framed and landscaped roof. Its rectangular form features four semi-circular enclosures at its corners containing support spaces, with the main space divided into a reception area and tasting area by a central hearth.

Belén Moreno Pedrejón, Oriana Álvarez Braiz and Luis Miguel De Jesus Dos Ramos from Spain won second prize for their project “A passage to the vineyard”. This project was organized linearly about an axis that divided support spaces on one side from the wine tasting room on the other. Third prize went to Fernando Irizarry, Brian Torres and Marcos Ortiz from the University of Puerto Rico for their “Terroir Wine House” project; a bold proposal that elevates a pitched-roof enclosure containing a ‘hanging wine cellar’ that floats above a wine tasting area semi-embedded into the hillside within a solid stone foundation.

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