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The Monte d’Oiro Wine Hotel competition is part of Buildner’ Portugal design series and the second collaboration with Quinta Do Monte D’Oiro, a family vineyard located in the Lisbon region. Participants were tasked with proposing designs for an extension to the current Quinta do Monte d’Oiro vineyard complex, to make full use of the vineyard’s beautiful views and landscape for an unforgettable stay.

First prize was awarded to Ioan-Alexandru Patrichi, Claudia Galvan Zuluága, and Iñaki Millán Omar of Alexandru Patrichi Architects in Belgium. Their ‘Agora’ project carved the structure into the hillside to keep it discreet and to avoid blocking existing views. It also expanded the hotel’s existing ‘plaza’ with sunken outdoor spaces where people can gather.

Second and third prizes were awarded to two teams from Italy – Igor Grippaldi, Andrea Vivera and Leonardo Ronchi, Barbara Stallone, and Francisco Silva. Both projects took inspiration from the linear organization of the site to extend its views, with the former team introducing a promenade and the latter team introducing floor-to-ceiling glazed openings.

Visit for full jury comments and project images, as well as details of the “Quinta do Monte d’Oiro Favourite” award for Anton Burdein from Germany and the  ARCHHIVE BOOKS Student Award for Celine Kohlhaas from the Münster School of Architecture in Germany.

1st prize

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