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Winners have been selected for the Iceland Volcano Coffee Shop Competition! Part of a series of architecture competitions based in Iceland, this competition partnered with Landeigendur Voga, calling for architects and designers to submit designs for a coffee shop that would be located at the base of the Hverfjall volcano in northern Iceland.

First prize was awarded to Weronika Plata and Wiktor Stankiewicz from Poland. Their Underhill Experience design cut a dramatic slice through the landscape, creating a fissure that at once frames the volcano and puts visitors in direct relationship with the site’s geology, successfully blending landscape with building.

Second prize and our Student Award went to Kamil Bryłka from the Silesian University of Technology - Politechnika Śląska, also in Poland. This project proposed a strong rectangular block that corresponds with its landscape in material while contrasting with it in the regularity of its form.

Third prize want to Ángel Bolaños and Fernanda Díaz, students from Mexico, ITESM, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. Their Vestige project embedded a rectangular form within the base of the volcano with a landscaped rooftop of the same stone as the volcanic surroundings.

You can see high-res images of all our winning entries - including Buildner Sustainability Award winners Clément Molinier and Philippe Paumelle from France - as well as full jury comments and details at

1st and Clients Favorite Award

2nd and Archhive Student Award

3rd prize