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Buildner is pleased to present the results to the Vancouver Affordable Housing Challenge.

As part of Buildner’s hugely popular Affordable Housing series, run in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS, this competition focused on one of North America’s most expensive cities, Vancouver.  Designers were tasked with proposing a flexible, innovative, pilot-phase concept for affordable housing within Greater Vancouver. First prize winners Xian Chris Li, Elitsa Vutova and Nadthachai Kongkhajornkidsuk from the USA designed Laneway Village as a solution to expanding Vancouver’s Laneway Housing Program. Their approach looked to create a cohesive new form of cohousing community which would offer an adaptable framework to a “sustainable, equitable, and feasible” urban densification plan. The jury commented: “A smart expansion of an already existing and approved policy. This is a realistic proposal that amplifies the conversion of backlanes as streets, adding vitality to underused areas that have been attributed only for the use of vehicles.”

Second prize winners Christopher Doray, Piotr Pasierbinski, Yekta Tehrani and Lukas Vajda from Canada designed a solution entitled Living Trails, which focused on the spaces between buildings and beautifulled addressed the integration of various units types for people of all ages and family structures.

Third prize and the Buildner Sustainability Award went to Martin Chow, also from Canada, whose Tall Trees, Tall Houses project exploiting the spatial potential of Vancouver’s forested landscape to mitigate the impacts of increased density. Visit to see high res images and full jury comments for all our winning entries, including the ARCHHIVE BOOKS Student Award-winners Mariia Pykhacheva, Olesia Ivleva, Alika Appaevaand Ekaterina Klyusova from the Moscow Institute of Architecture in the Czech Republic.

1st prize

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3rd and Sustainability award

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