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The competition site was located at the popular Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat in central Portugal. The first in a series of collaborations with the retreat, this competition was also part of Buildner’ small-scale design competition series, which focuses on concepts, ideas, and material explorations for sustainable, compact projects that relate intimately to the scale of the human body.

First prize was awarded to Adélaïde Jandrain from Belgium for the VagaLume project which consisted of two stacked 2.9-meter cubes. With a glass-enclosed therapy space on the ground level and an open-air meditation space above, the jury found the evocative projectto resonate with its surroundings.

Second prize went to Ying qi Chen and Fui Srivikorn from the USA. Their ‘Komorebi’ project featured materials relevant to the site –charred wood panels, polycarbonate, timber and gravel – and referred to the sunlight filtered through the leaves as its design influence. Funnily enough, third prize was awarded to Duc Ngo and Piotr Pasierbinski from Japan for a project with the same name in which a circular platform was topped by a three-sided, fragmented, and pyramidal roof supported by a wood frame.

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