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Urban Zoo Coworking was looking for a signature style for their co-working spaces; an interior design that could be applied to each new venue and customised to suit the creative needs of its users, from freelancers to startups and small businesses. For the Urban Zoo Coworking Design Challenge, participants were tasked with creating a unique space that would distinguish it from other traditional offices, invoking a sense of creativity and collaboration within the space.

First place winners were Marianne Ventre and Anthony Spennato from the French company, Studio MAS. The Menagerie project submitted featured a simplistic color scheme that created a clear and unstandable concept that could easily be replicated in any type of workspace.

Second place winners Rachel Fay and Liv Green from Australia took modular design to the next level with their WILD project. Apex Project Bureau won third place, with authors Daria Khrenova and Ekaterina Zakharova from Russia creating a smart and coherent zoning system for their Habitat project.

Visit for full jury comments as well as high res images of the winning competition entries.

1st Prize

Urban Zoo Coworking Design Challenge

2nd Prize

Urban Zoo Coworking Design Challenge

3rd Prize

Urban Zoo Coworking Design Challenge