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The purpose of the Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum architecture competition was to create a support centre that helped to integrate LGBT individuals into the wider community, while at the same time protecting them against homophobic acts. The jury prefered submissions that do not imply to isolate or imprison.

The winning team from Italy created an innovative design for a youth centre that incorporated a spiral theme, creating a coherent transition of spaces. The spiral layout makes the youth centre relatively open to the public, while at the same time keeping the inner spaces private and protected. The organic shapes and its distinctive designs were some of the main reasons our jury panel chose it as the winner, as it has the ability to quickly become recognised as a symbol for tolerance and a safe haven for those in need.

The second and third place winners selected by our jury panel were chosen for their inventive and innovative use of materials, creating designs that were sustainable, low cost, and in keeping with the local surroundings. The second place winners from Brazil created a tensioned structure, which was both flexible and low cost to such a degree that it could be easily replicated at multiple locations.The third place winners from Cyprus placed a strong focus on using sustainable materials, featuring locally produced bricks as a primary construction material in order to support the wider community and further integrate the youth centre into society.

1st prize

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