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The winners have been announced for the Buildner Tokyo Pop Lab architecture competition. The competition brief called for the design of a new program for the study and production of pop culture media. The unique and original nature of the brief resulted in submissions varying considerably, from fairly pragmatic to completely ideological.

The winning submissions were chosen for their well considered definition of popular culture, the clarity of their representation, and their clear concept of the structure of the laboratory’s program.

Our first place winners were a team from Italy whose project consisted of two large cubes placed in opposing corners of the site, lifted above the ground plane, and rejoined with an elevated walkway. The project was selected as the winner because it didn’t restrict pop culture to any particular form or moment in time.

The second place winners, also from Italy, were distinguished their definition and organisation of public program and social activities. While our third place winners from Switzerland were chosen for their clarity in thought and purpose.

To see images, jury comments and full details of our winners, visit the Tokyo Pop Lab results website.

1st Prize

2nd Prize 

3rd Prize

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