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The Teamaker’s Guest House competition - in partnership with Ozolini teamakers - called for design proposals for an eco-friendly, cost-effective accommodation to house visitors to the competition partners’ retreat in Latvia. As an eco-tourist destination, the retreat by definition, needed to be sustainable, and have a positive impact on its environment.

First prize winner Johann Evin from New Zealand flips the typical A-frame construction for his “T-House” design, separating the upper-level bedrooms on one side from a double-height workshop on the other. The modern form and materials are balanced by a rustic farm aesthetic and incorporates the original stone structure, placing the new material sensitively on the barn walls.

The second prize winners were a team of students from Politecnico di Milano in Italy, Virginia Pozzi and Alessandro Minotti. Their proposal was selected for its sensitivity to the existing barn, incorporating the remaining structure and topping it with a long roof that floats above a thin band of clerestory windows.

While third prize was awarded to András Gyökér, Júlia Losonczi and Adham Shakaki from Studio BIS in Hungary for their Leafhouse project which extends the site’s existing barn vertically with a light construction of well-crafted wooden elements.

Visit to see high res images of all winning entries including our Green Award, as well as full jury comments and details of Buildner' design competition series focused on small-scale architecture, in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS.

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