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The Sydney Affordable Housing competition aimed at garnering global attention to the important issue of housing in Sydney, Australia, where the economy is strong but where residential space is among the least affordable according to surveys of major metropolitan markets. The jury panel selected the winners for their flexibility and applicability to different locations across the city.

The winning submissions sought to create livable housing spaces, and offered more than just affordable housing; often including larger-scale urban plans.

First place went to Tae Jung, Pauline Sipin, Hazel Ventura from the USA for their project Bridging Affordable Housing. While second place was awarded to the project Newborn in the Crevice, submitted by Xu Jiatong, Gao Xinyuan, Shi Ying from the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts in China.

Third place was awarded to Olga Filipowska, Tomasz Twaróg - students at Podhale State College Of Applied Sciences in Nowy Targ in Poland - for their submission, TOD & waterfront housing. Finally, the BB Green Award went to the Water smart home Sydney by Australia natives Kevin Pham and Alex Hoang.

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1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize