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The winners of the Stone Barn Meditation Camp architecture competition have been announced. In partnership with SRED property developers, this competition sought out designs for multipurpose recreational space, offering holistic outlets such as meditation and yoga to guests.

The winning design came from the Ukrainian company, Bondarenko Group, in which the participants - Yulia Fedorenko, Aleksandr Fil, Anna Beketova, Bogdan Bondarenko - created a compact thatch design that created an authentically rural appearance. The second place winners were Raul Carbajal, Roxana Mendoza, Veronica Castro and Ana Marcela Pérez from Mexico, and the third place winners were Prajal Pradhan and Mahesh Maharjan, Sainaz Bajracharya and Prabina Sherstha A for Architecture in Nepal. Both designs accentuate the original stone barn, expanding out with adjacent structures to add greater functionality and increase the opportunity for more environmental aspects.

Finally, two submission from Poland received special awards, with Konrad Kowalczyk from Politechnika Wrocławska receiving the Buildner Green award. Team member Oleksandr Kostevych, Mariia Chorna, Weronika Różyło, and Julia Gawlik were the recipients of the Buildner Student Award, for exceptional innovation and use of environmentalism and sustainability in their designs.

1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize