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The SKYHIVE 2020 Skyscraper Challenge was the third annual architecture competition by Buildner seeking innovative concepts and ideas for an iconic high rise tower set in the city of their choice. The winners for SKYHIVE 2020 were selected by the jury for incorporating some relation and response to the chosen skyline as well as their conceptual strength.

The first prize winner was Daniel Hambley, a student from De Montfort University in the UK. His ‘Biorefinery at Old Street’ project was situated atop a roundabout in the London borough of Hackney. The tower’s form is defined by a unique set of tapering tubular forms, driven by its function as a combination of mineral-recovery, biogas-production, and waste-water-recovery facilities.

Second prize went to an entry from Harvard Graduate School of Design in Canada by David Ling. David’s LOW-ENERGY | HIGH-RISE was designed for a site in Dubai and utilises a facade pocketed with articulated prefabricated window units to capture cool air and block out harsh sunlight. Third prize was awarded to Carlo Alberto Guerriero from Italy for his VERTICAL CITY project which relies on a system of cable cars at mid-height to link the tower with the surrounding city.

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1st prize

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