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The Silent Meditation Forest Cabins competition called for designs for off-the-grid meditation cabins to be located in rural Latvia within the grounds of traditional teamakers, Ozolini. Designs were judged for their integration within the forest and their sensitivity to the environment. As winning designs were put forward for consideration for construction, the jury selected those projects that introduced innovative architecture, made use of the site, and proposed a peaceful space to observe the forest while being protected by the elements.

The winning project, Solo Cabin, was submitted by David Florez and Stefani Zlateva from Austria. Their design involved an arrangement of 3 stacked spaces sized 2 x 2 meters and placed at various angles, a design decision which highlights the various layers of nature, allowing visitors to experience it from the forest floor to the branches of the tree canopy.

Both second prize and the Student Award went to a student entry from University Of Oulu, Finland. The project - Nest - by Marko Simsiö was a meditative treehouse that used native trees to support a meditative cabin that was isolated in a quiet space above the ground. Third prize also went to a student entry, this time from Karolina Kielpinska, Marta Lisiakiewicz, Emilia Oworuszko, and Aleksandra Białkowska from Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland. Their Aesthesia project involved rectilinear constructions comprised of rooms organized linearly according to the senses of touch, sight, and hearing.

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