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The Pavilosta Poet Huts competition called on designers to submit proposals for a writers community in the small coastal fishing village of Pāvilosta, Latvia, historically a port serving the nearby city of Liepāja. The jury was impressed by the well-rounded response and selected designs that offered strong proposals for communal complexes that captured both the ability for writers to work in isolation, as well as interact with fellow visitors.

First prize was awarded to a British student at the Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio, Daniel Brigginshaw, for his project ‘A garden within a garden’. This references traditional Baltic architecture and its use of local materials, collecting all of the program within a single structure. The project’s take on a courtyard-building typology lends to its intent on creating a sense of community for users.

Second prize went to Linnéa Holmberg, Maria Torrent, and Karl Zetterholm from BLANK ARKITEKTER AB in Sweden. Their ‘Enclosures’ project unifies the ideals of solitude and community, placing a single building in the center of the site enclosing a garden with a large tree and meditation zone.

Third prize was awarded to Katharina Kocol and Olga Bialczak from Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. ‘The Pitch Hut’ project included two bands of buildings facing an internal street, one providing writers’ accommodation while the other would be used for shared programs and host accommodation.

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