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The Pape Bird Observation Tower competition is the first of a series to be organised by Buildner in collaboration with the support of Pasaules Dabas Fonds, Latvia’s leading nature conservation fund. Winning participants submitted designs for a new bird observation station and were selected based their functionality, as well as their sensitivity to the environment, and their potential to serve as a landmark.

Berta Risueño and Manuel Pareja from Spain received the 1st place prize for their designs reminiscent of a bird’s nest and a jewel box, whose use of rope on timber frame as the primary element of enclosure the jury were especially enthusiastic about.

Second place winner Jeffrey Clancy from the USA promoted an intricate interaction between park guests and nature, with eye-level panoramic views and built-in seating within a camouflaged enclosure.

The third place winners Tom Mestiri, Hugo Ramos-Guerrero, Simon Barret, and Chloé Meyer, from France created an observation tower comprised of two rectangular walls, both of which appear opaque at acute and obtuse angles yet dematerialize at the perpendicular. To read more of the jury’s comments and see all the winning designs, as well as our BB Green Award recipient and our BB Student award winners from Bilgi University, visit

1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize