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Buildner is pleased to announce the results of its Painter’s Lake House International Competition in which participants were tasked with designing a painter’s residence on the beautiful shores of the Cernostes Lake, in one of Europe’s greenest countries, Latvia.

First prize winners Shilan Yu, Guisong Zhang and Moye Guo from Germany submitted a project entitled Trio for Duo, which consists of three parts responding to the site’s natural elements - the lake, the field and the country road. A completely new structure was proposed, constructed in local timber with a void between a double roof structure as a space for the site’s bats to inhabit.

Second prize winner Cristina Popescu from Romania submitted ‘Picturesque’, a poetic project which sought to be a contemporary solution designed in alignment with Baltic vernacular building practices. Third prize winners Kaan Oncuoglu, Ekin Guzer, Sevin Erkenek and Orcun Cinar from Turkey proposed a thatched-roofed timber building organized in a U-shaped arrangement to emphasize a courtyard approach that is warm and welcoming.

Visit to see the full jury comments as well as high resolution images of all our winning design projects including the Client Favorite Award, Buildner Student and Sustainability Awards.

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1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize

Client Favorite

Buildner Student and Sistainability Award