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The Buildner Office Design Challenge 2021 was the first in an ongoing series of competitions exploring workplace design. Run in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS, the competition challenged participants to conceptualize the ‘new normals’ of working life. Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-evolving power of technology, what are the requirements for fixed office space?

First prize was awarded to a team representing German interior design and construction company, Gül Koc gmbH: Gül Koc-Janssen, Kerem Bostan, Surabhi Nigam and Leticia Brown. Their 9² project is a community-led coworking space situated along the former Munich S-Bahn, originally constructed for the 1972 Olympics.

Gareth Cotter and Maria Mera Vera from the UK were awarded second prize for their Moss Tree Offices project. This flexible modular design aims to develop a form of architecture that contributes positively to the city and its inhabitants. Third prize winners Julia Stopasolla Copat, João Carlos Bernardino Júnior, Rafael Magno de Moraes, and Débora Mendes Nunes Jank from Brazil designed hybrid offices in the favelas that focus on the 1 billion people around the world living in informal developments.

Visit for full jury comments and project visuals, as well as details of the ARCHHIVE BOOKS Student Award winner Ayse Eda Tarakci from SCI-Arc, Southern California Institute of Architecture in the USA.

1st prize

2nd and BB Green award

3rd prize

ARCHHIVE Student award