Annual International Architecture Competition

The Last
Nuclear Bomb Memorial

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In the decades since the end of World War II, nuclear bombs are still being built and stock-piled by nations around the world. Capable of killing hundreds of thousands of people, Buildner feels strongly that it’s time these weapons are banned once and for all.

The third annual Last Nuclear Bomb Memorial competition is tasking architecture enthusiasts with designing a memorial located within a decommissioned nuclear weapons testing site. It is part of a series of silent architecture competitions, in keeping with the global political silence surrounding the issue of nuclear weapons. As such, participants must submit their designs without any description text.

Buildner are asking participants to design a memorial in which the architecture would do all the talking. The Last Nuclear Bomb Memorial / Edition #3 competition is open until November 5, 2023, with winners of the 7,000 € prize fund to be announced on January 26, 2024. Visit for more information.


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To access competion downloads please enter your email address:
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