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Buildner proudly presents the winners of its third annual Last Nuclear Bomb Memorial competition, held in support of a global ban on nuclear weapons. The competition sought conceptual memorial designs for decommissioned nuclear weapon testing sites without textual elements and was judged by an esteemed international panel.

1st and Student Prize winners - Huy Pham, Huy Tran, and Duyen Nguyen from Ho Chi Minh City Architecture University, Vietnam, secured the top spot with their marine proposal. Their design features a circle of rods driven into the seafloor, symbolizing a nuclear blast's scale. The design, accessible by boat, represents the passage of time and fosters marine life growth.

2nd prize winners - Hubert Pierre Olivier Charlaix and Mathieu Nouhen's entry captivated the jury with its simple yet impactful grid of spherical elements, transitioning with tidal movements on a beachside site.

3rd Prize goes to Abraham Chintianto's minimalist desert design, featuring a street grid and soil brick knee walls marking the impact of a nuclear blast within a city, clinched third place.

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3rd Prize

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