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Buildner is proud to announce the results of the Milan Navigli Canal Challenge, with participants designing the future of Milan and its symbiotic relationship with the historic Navigli canal – run in collaboration with Riaprire i Navigli Association – "Reopen the Navigli Association'' – and Primitivo studio Milan, who are proposing a complete renovation of the existing canal.

Shuangyun Chen, Stefano Agliati and Raul Martinez Medina from Netherlands won first prize for their Reconnect project. It proposed a network of superblocks limiting car access though the city and yielding additional green and pedestrian space. Submitted with a beautifully illustrated map, the project incorporates best practices from other water cities like Amsterdam and Venice.

Second prize was awarded to Colombian company Bemaarch Bemaarch, whose Resurgence project provides new mobility networks along with a green ring that accompanies the canal.

Third prize was awarded to Xin Kai Tham, Ahrum Oh and Jason Ng from Hortian Consultancy Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Their Revamping the Artery of Milan project proposes a three-way approach through infrastructural overhaul along the canal, enhancement of greenery, and lifestyle change.

Other awards include the “Competition Client's Favourite” award – which went to Matías Salas Ramírez, Miled Lahoud and Francisca Lopez from Italy – and the ARCHHIVE Student Award which went to Chu Wang from China studying at the University of Virginia. See all our winning entries in more detail at

1st prize

2nd prize

3rd and Sustainability award