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Buildner is excited to announce the results for the second edition of its Museum of Emotions Competition, in which participants were tasked with designing a museum space that evoked both positive and negative emotions in visitors. 

Our first prize and Student Award went to a team from the Faculty of Fine Arts ‎Architecture Department - Helwan University, Egypt – Hassan Mohamed, Fayrouz Khalid, Youssef Mohamed and Marium Hesham. Their proposal was a design that sliced through a mountain to offer a tunnel-like sequence of spaces; geometrically complex yet rendered simple through the project’s clear sections.

Second prize was awarded to Je Yen Tan from Australia, who proposed a monolithic black form which was dark within and punctured, split or broken at various points to let in light. Third prize winner James Li, also from Australia, also takes home our Sustainability award. He proposed a monument organized as a circular grassy mound within an existing organic forest.

Visit to see the full jury comments as well as high resolution images of all our winning design projects.

[Download high resolution images and diagrams]

1st and Student Award

2nd prize

3rd and Sustainability Award