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Buildner is excited to announce the results of its Museum of Emotions competition, in which architecture and design enthusiasts were tasked with exploring just how much architecture can be used to evoke emotion. They were free to choose any site, real or imaginary, on which to locate a museum space that creates both positive and negative emotions in its visitors.

First prize was awarded to Demet Dincer, Mehmet Metin Polat and Bilge Altug from Australia. Their design creates a seemingly floating sanctuary that visitors would arrive at by boat, with a perimeter ring of walkways that float among a series of vertical rectangular gray-clad blocks. “There's a great balance between reality and fiction in this proposal, seeming somehow realizable but at the same time a fictional scenario that combines different emotions due to its interior spaces and location.”

Second prize and our student award went to Christian Dummermuth from Hochschule Mainz: University of Applied Sciences in Germany. He created two circular exhibition hall enclosures within an abandoned industrial warehouse. Meanwhile, Predrag Vujanovic from Sweden who won third prize, proposed a ring-shaped path that fluctuates in height to encapsulate a voyager through different dream-like scenographies.

You can see high res images and full jury comments of all our winning designs – including AAPPAREL Sustainability Award winners Anna Schuler and Sofie Louise Vieth, also from Hochschule Mainz: University of Applied Sciences – at

1st prize

2nd and Student prize

3rd prize

Sustainability Award