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Buildner is excited to announce the launch of the Moroccan Oasis Architecture Competition, a visionary initiative aimed at creating a sustainable and culturally resonant architectural complex in Morocco. This competition invites architects, designers, and forward-thinking innovators to conceive a multifunctional space that not only honors the rich heritage of the Alaoui family but also embraces modern sustainability practices.

The Moroccan Oasis Architecture Competition challenges participants to design a space that integrates luxury living with community engagement and environmental sustainability. The competition emphasizes the reintegration of local flora and fauna, the use of sustainable materials, and the revitalization of the community's educational and social roles.

By allowing participants the freedom to interpret the potential of this historic site, the competition seeks to foster innovative approaches that combine the traditional Moroccan aesthetic with cutting-edge design and sustainability features. Join the challenge today and help Buildner set a new standard for integrating cultural heritage with sustainable development in the heart of Morocco.

The Morocco Oasis Retreat competition registration is open until November 14, 2024, with winners of the 10,000 € prize to be announced on February 19, 2025. Visit for more details.

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