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Buildner Architecture Competitions, in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS, is thrilled to announce the winners of its 15th affordable housing competition, "The Milan Affordable Housing Challenge." The competition aimed to address Milan's housing crisis by inviting architects to propose innovative and adaptable designs for affordable housing. After a rigorous evaluation process by an esteemed jury panel, the winning entries have been selected for their exceptional creativity, practicality, and potential for real-world implementation.

The First Prize and Student Award were awarded to Ziyong Mu, Xuanchang Zhang, and Jinglin Wu from Tokyo Institute of Technology for their groundbreaking concept, "Milano Super Flat." This visionary proposal reimagines the development strategy for courtyards within Milan's residential blocks, offering underground apartments topped with gardens. The design optimizes land use, revitalizes shared spaces, and provides additional housing options.

Chang Yuan Max Hsu from the United States secured the Second Prize for the proposal, "No(n)-Stop City." This innovative concept suggests a continuous ring of housing infrastructure encircling central Milan, integrating mass transit routes, residential levels, and a rooftop public park. The design promotes seamless connectivity and provides green public amenities for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Ahmed Elkhateb, Mohammed Elkhateb, Omar Adel Elgebely, and Ahmed Negm from Consultant Engineer Bureau in Egypt were honored with the Third Prize for their concept, "Re-Park." This ingenious proposal repurposes existing parking structures in central Milan into affordable housing units. By employing robotic lifts and stacking techniques, the design optimizes land utilization, retains parking functionality, and increases housing density in the city center.

Buildner Architecture Competitions extends its heartfelt congratulations to the winners and expresses gratitude to all participants for their dedication to addressing Milan's affordable housing challenges. To learn more about the winning entries and the Sustainability Award, please visit -

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1st and Student Award 

2nd prize

3rd prize

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