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The sixth annual MICROHOME competition, in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS publications, has concluded, revealing visionary solutions for affordable housing and sustainability. This year's challenge pushed participants to rethink micro homes within a 25-square-meter limit, resulting in remarkable designs from around the world.

The First Prize and Student Award go to Malte Terboven, Luca Ligotti, Luisa Herzog, and Lukas Kunze from The Trier University Of Applied Sciences, Germany, for their project "Building Bridges." This innovative design is intended for refugee migration routes, offering a community-building solution in challenging environments through the use of recycled materials and a fully transportable design.

Isaac Lee, Melinda Kumala, Eu Juin Toh, and Caleb Lew from Singapore receive the Second Prize for their project "Mikroserambi." This groundbreaking proposal focuses on self-sustaining retrofits of homes in slums across the Asia-Pacific region, starting with Jakarta. It includes shared community spaces and clean, off-grid living solutions.

The Third Prize is awarded to Łukasz Danilczuk, Zuzanna Derska, and Urszula Jędrzejak from Warsaw University Of Technology, Poland, for their project "Gathering House." This innovative concept addresses social gaps in Polish communities by infilling large urban courtyards with small-scale homes and community gardens, promoting higher density living and social integration. The Sustainability Award is bestowed upon Karina Schwartzman, Karen Poulain, Paola Williams, and Diego Sierra from Mexico for their project "Cocotl Home." This sustainable living solution for a couple in the coconut plantations of southern Mexico incorporates bioclimatic construction methods, green features, and a strong focus on the natural environment.

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding contributions to affordable housing and sustainability. For more details, visit

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1st and Student Award

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

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