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For the third instalment of the Buildner MICROHOME challenge, participants were tasked with designing an off-grid, modular structure to accommodate a hypothetical young professional couple. The Microhome competition series sources easy-to-replicate ideas for living small to better serve our changing world. 

Even the smallest projects can contain big ideas. 

Michalina Linkowska, Wiktoria Ciszak, and Karolina Kozłowska from the Poznań University of Technology in Poland were awarded first prize and the student prize for their Circadian Home proposal. This concept involves a flexible residence that adapts to varying natural light conditions in any location and features a circular core with two radiating wings that reinforce a user’s unique 24-hour cycle and processes of daily life. 

Helmuts Nežborts from Latvia was awarded second prize for his Cloud Catcher design which features an enveloping frame of recycled polyurethane mesh which acts as a fog catcher. Emanuele Cavaglion, Baixue Fang and Xiaoxu Liang from Italy took third prize for their project, Switch, which challenges standard living spaces by compressing functional furniture elements. 

For full jury comments, high-res images of our winning projects, as well as details of the AAPPAREL Sustainability Award from Aleksandra Zhuikova, Sofia Velichanskaia, and Elizaveta Gradusova from the Polytechnic University of Milan, visit 

1st and ARCHHIVE Student award

2nd prize

3rd prize

BB Green award