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The Buildner MICROHOME 2019 design competition was the first of its kind, launched in the hopes of spearheading the Small Scale Architecture Appreciation Movement, which will highlight small projects with big ideas from around the world. The jury selected winning entries that were innately hopeful in nature, offering sustainable, small housing solutions with many possibilities for use and implementation.

First prize was awarded to a project submitted by Jerry Liu and Jesse Basran from Canada, titled ‘Shifting Nests’. The project looked to take advantage of the growing number of vacant lots in Vancouver that were not being used to their full potential. Prefabricated ‘Nests’ were proposed constructed of low-cost materials such as plywood, metal cladding and corrugated polycarbonate.

Second prize was also our student prize-winning entry from Bilyana Apostolova and Slavena Todorova at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Bulgaria. Their ‘Mikado’ project offers a circular housing form, in the tradition of yurts and teepees, which floats on a supporting pole. Third prize from Raina Kanari from Sweden was completely different, offering a 25sqm house with four basic programs connected via a central multifunctional space.

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1st prize

MH19 1st prize winners

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MH19 2nd prize winners

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MH19 3rd prize winners