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Buildner is pleased to present the results to the Las Vegas Affordable Housing Challenge, part of Buildner’s Affordable Housing series in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS. Participants were tasked with proposing a flexible, innovative, pilot-phase concept for affordable housing within Greater Las Vegas.

First prize winner Chang Yuan Max Hsu from the United States proposed building upon the existing warehouses that proliferate Las Vegas. The (still) Learning From Las Vegas project sought to increase the floor area ratio of underutilized sites as a means to generate density while keeping the existing commercial entities, which fuel the economy, intact.

Second prize winners Ran Zhang, Pengyu Chen and Yijie Zhang from China proposed a scheme to transform underused urban spaces within downtown Las Vegas, such as parking lots, deserted cinemas and casinos. While third prize winner Daniele Borin from Italy proposed the construction of autonomous residential units capable of being installed atop waste areas in the city.

Visit to see the full jury comments as well as high resolution images of all our winning design projects, including our Student  and Sustainability Award winners from Brazil and Germany respectively.

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