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Winners of ‘Kip Island Auditorium’ architecture competition have been announced! The winning entries were from Space4Architecture (S4A) from the US; Deyan Saev and Panayiotis Hadjisergis from the Technical University Delft Netherlands; and Moisés Royo, Carlos Orbea, Gonzalo García-Robledo and Cristina Martín Consuegra from Spain. The competition to reimagine an addition to the Riga International Convention Centre saw numerous different approaches taken. In this architecture competition, judges demanded a well-considered alternative to the typical sprawling multi-block exhibition structures that are often surrounded by parking lots and urban reclusion.

The winning entry from the United States was chosen for its proposal to completely entangle city and stage, creating a performance space that radically deconstructed the separation of a proscenium and an audience. The project’s centrepiece was an elevated theatre space, cantilevered as a truss over the site, containing a sequence of auditorium spaces that would be interconnected by a series of panels that open up to form a monumental stage.

The second place winners are the entry from the Technical University Delft in the Netherlands. They have also received the BB Student Award as well as the BB Green award for their designs. This project was chosen for its simple solution - using an economy of form and material to create a flexible building, characterised by tactful iconicity.

The third place winners from Spain were chosen for their use of urban engagement and social inclusion, the project taking a stance on the nature of large exhibition centres and making a case for the public.

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2nd Prize

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