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The Great Kemeri Bog Visitor Center architecture competition invited participants to submit designs for an iconic entryway to Latvia’s Kemeri National Park. The second in a series of competitions to focus on one of the largest national parks in Europe, participants tasked with creating a unique and functional entranceway to the park that was in keeping with the park’s identity and could be constructed out of durable materials.

The jury selected winning designs that had the potential to become landmarks for both the park and for Latvia, such as the first prize winning entry from Jan Tomas Ciesla, Miroslav Krátký, and Iva Potůčková from the Czech Republic. The project’s rectangular-bar form effectively creates a simple yet striking entranceway to the park. Its use of natural materials and the varied layout of its vertical facade module five it a natural aesthetic in keeping with its surroundings.

Second and third-place prizes went to teams from Uruguay and France respectively. The Forest Pond project from the Uruguay team of Rodrigo Zagarzazu, Lucia Rehermann, Renzo Bonina, and Christian Flores was chosen for its simple, strong, circular form with a visually permeable facade of timber posts. Sauvineau Florent’s Scape Architecture project won third prize for its use of a repeatable and constructable module that manages to create an organic, landscape-like form.

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